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Regular Meetings

Administrative Meetings – 1st Wednesday of each month
1:00 AT / 12:00 ET/ 11:00 CT /10:00 MT / 9:00 PT
Network Meetings – 3rd Thursday of each month
12:00 AT / 11:00 ET /10:00 CT /9:00 MT / 8:00 PT

(more info on the purpose and expected attendees of CIRTL meetings)


CIRTL 2022-2023 Administrative Calendar

CIRTL Cross-Network programming key dates and deadlines are shown in purple. For more details and related resources please see our full Cross-Network Planning Calendar.

Month Key Dates**
August 2022 1st (Monday) – Membership Dues Deadline
1st (Monday) – New Committee Members Term Begins
15th (Monday) – Fall Cross-Network Registration Opens
September 2022 7th (Wednesday) – New Members Join CIRTL Admin Meeting
15th (Thursday) – New Members Join CIRTL Network Meeting
16th (Friday) – Institutional Portraits Deadline
26th (Monday) – Fall Cross-Network Term Begins
October 2022 10th (Monday) – Spring Cross-Network Proposals Deadline
13th-14th (Thursday-Friday) – Fall 2022 CIRTL General Meeting
November 2022
December 2022
January 2023 10th (Tuesday) – Spring Cross-Network Registration Opens
23rd (Monday) – Spring Cross-Network Term Begins
February 2023 13th (Monday) – Committee Nominations Open
March 2023 6th (Monday) – Summer Cross-Network Proposals Deadline
13th (Monday) – Membership Applications Deadline
April 2023 10th (Monday) – Committee Voting Opens
13th-14th (Thursday-Friday) – Spring 2023 General Meeting
May 2023 1st (Monday) – Membership Notification of Acceptance
8th (Monday) – Membership Dues Invoices Sent
29th (Monday) – Fall Cross-Network Proposals Deadline
June 2023

**dates subject to change