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All cross-Network offerings must be evaluated. Evaluation data helps CIRTL understand what students learned and if they achieved a program’s learning outcomes, and guide the iterative improvement of all cross-Network programming. While course instructors, workshop facilitators, event hosts, and institute organizers can draft their own evaluation materials, at minimum CIRTL requires that there be some form of a student evaluation, an analysis of those student data, and your own reflection on how your programming went. All evaluation and reflection materials are sent to the Cross-Network Operations Group, which reviews them in order to inform its review of future proposals.

Student evaluation

All instructors, facilitators, hosts, and organizers are required to evaluate your programming. If you do not have a pre-existing instrument in mind, you can use CIRTL’s pre-made evaluations (CIRTL’s evaluation templates in Qualtrics). To use one of these surveys, contact Kate Diamond at kdiamond3 AT to receive an editable copy for distribution. CIRTL Central support staff manage survey distribution and data collection on your behalf.

Instructor reflection

All instructors, facilitators, hosts, and organizers are also expected to reflect on how their offering went. This can be done in either a 30-60 minute meeting with your CIRTL Central support person after your offering is over, or via a reflection form (CIRTL’s reflection forms in Qualtrics). Regardless of how you choose to reflect on your programming, you should fold both your own experiences and student evaluation data into your reflection.