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The CIRTL Network is currently accepting new members annually. A call for applications will go out each fall, with applications due in the winter and new members onboarding with CIRTL the following summer and fall. For more information, please visit our Membership overview page.

Onboarding Resources

While the onboarding sessions will cover the basics of building a strong local CIRTL program and engaging in the cross-Network community, we have also created a number of additional resources to guide you in this process and for you to refer back to in the months and years to come.

We have also created a repository of CIRTL Program Instructor Materials which contains instructional material from courses and workshops that have been offered previously in synchronous online environments through the CIRTL Cross-Network Learning Community. These materials may provide examples of programs you can run in your local learning communities, as well as programs you could consider offering through the CIRTL Cross-Network Learning Community as part of your in-kind contribution in your second year of membership.

You may want to browse the Resources section of our website for other interesting materials. Please reach out via if you have any questions or are having trouble finding a particular piece of information.