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The CIRTL Director is Adam Fontecchio, Director of CASTLE and Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering at Drexel University. The Director is responsible for execution of policies and procedures, implementation of CIRTL Network initiatives, and addressing issues that arise within the Network with advice of the Leadership Team.

Standing Committees are charged with overseeing specific types of Network operations and include the Leadership Team, Cross-Network Operations Group (CNOG), and the Membership Operations Group (MOG). Additional ad-hoc Working Groups may be formed to oversee short-term topics of importance to the Network.

CIRTL Central staff work with the Director, Standing Committees, Working Groups, and local CIRTL teams to assist with the operations of the Network and coordination of the Cross-Network Learning Community.

Each CIRTL Member institution has an Institutional Leader and an Administrative Co-Leader with responsibilities including development of the CIRTL learning community at their institution, management of day-to-day learning community activities, and leading involvement in the CIRTL Network.

Institution Institutional Leader Administrative Co-Leader
Arizona State University Elizabeth Wentz
Vice Provost and Dean
wentz [at]
Tamara Underiner
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
tamara.underiner [at]
Brown University Sarah Delaney
Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for the Graduate School, and Professor of Chemistry
sarah_delaney [at]
Logan Gin
Assistant Dean, STEM, Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning
logan_gin [at]
California Institute of Technology Jasmine Bryant
Associate Director for University Teaching, and Interim Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning & Outreach
jrbryant [at]
Jennifer Imamura
Program Manager for Graduate Teaching, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach
jimamura [at]
Columbia University Soulaymane Kachani
Vice Provost and Professor,
Professional Practice of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

kachani [at]
Abby Schroering
Assistant Director for Graduate Programs and Services
ans2198 [at]
Cornell University Kathryn Boor
Dean, Graduate School, and
Vice Provost, Graduate Education

kjb4 [at]
Colleen McLinn
Associate Dean for Professional Development, Graduate School
cmm252 [at]

Derina Samuel
Associate Director for Graduate School Development, Center for Teaching Innovation
dss279 [at]

Dalhousie University Angela Siegel
Acting Associate Vice-President, Academic
siegel [at]
Jill McSweeney
Educational Developer and SoTL Scholars Program Administrator
jill.mcsweeney [at]
Drexel University Jennifer Stanford
Co-Director, CASTLE and
Associate Professor, Department of Biology

jss75 [at]
Jason Silverman
Co-Director, CASTLE and
Professor, School of Education

silverman [at]
Emory University Kimberly Jacob Arriola
Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs,
Laney Graduate School and 
Charles Howard Candler Professor of Behavioral, Social & Health Education Sciences
lgsdean [at]
Cora MacBeth
Assistant Dean of Students,
Laney Graduate School and
Professor, Department of Chemistry 

cmacbet [at]
Georgia Institute of Technology David Lawrence
Associate Director,
Center for Teaching and Learning

david.lawrence [at]
Tammy McCoy
TA Development and Future Faculty Specialist, Center for Teaching and Learning
tammy.mccoy [at]
Howard University Dana Williams
Interim Dean, Graduate School, Chair, Department of English, and Professor, African American Literature
d_williams [at]
Kamla Deonauth
Director, Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate
kbdeonauth [at]
Indiana University David Daleke
Dean of the Graduate School, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Health Sciences, and Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
daleked [at]

Janice Blum
Associate Vice Chancellor,
Graduate Education and Associate Dean, University Graduate School

jblum [at]

Trevor Verrot
Assistant Dean for Student Development, Graduate School
tmverrot [at]

Anusha Rao
STEM Instructional Design Consultant
asathyan [at]

Iowa State University Elena Cotos 
Director, Center for Communication Excellence, Graduate College
ecotos [at]
Karen Bovenmyer
Program Coordinator, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)
melig [at]
Johns Hopkins University Michael Reese
Associate Dean, University Libraries and Director, Center for Educational Resources, Sheridan Libraries
mreese [at]
Kelly Clark
Program Manager, Center for Educational Resources, The Teaching Academy
kelly.clark [at]
Louisiana State University Carol Wicks
Associate Dean, Graduate School and Frank W. and Patricia Harrison Family Professor, Geology and Geophysics
cwicks [at]
Fahui Wang
Associate Dean, Graduate School and Cyril & Tutta Vetter Alumni Professor, Department of Geography and Anthropology
fwang [at]
Michigan State University Henry (Rique) Campa III
Professor, Wildlife Ecology and
Associate Dean, Graduate School and
Director, MSU CIRTL Steering Committee (SC) and FAST Fellowship Program

campa [at]
Kirstin Parkin
Assistant Professor, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
parkinkr [at]
Northwestern University Matt Glucksberg
Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Director, Center for Innovation in Global Health Technologies
m-glucksberg [at]
Erika Nadile
Assistant Director, Interdisciplinary Connections, SEARLE Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching
erika.nadile [at]
The Ohio State University David Sovic
Assistant Director, Research-Related Programs and Coordinator, Instructional Redesign
sovic.2 [at]
Erin Mercurio
Assistant Director, Graduate Initiatives
mercurio.40 [at]
The Pennsylvania State University Stephanie Danette PrestonAssociate Dean for Graduate Educational Equity and Chief Diversity Office for Graduate Education
sdp163 [at]
Angela Linse
Associate Dean and Executive Director, Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence
arl5 [at]
Stanford University Stacey Bent
Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs
sbent [at]

Cassandra Horii
Associate Vice Provost for Education and Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
cvhorii [at]

Gloriana Trujillo
Director, Faculty and Lecturer Programs, Center for Teaching and Learning
gloriana [at]
Texas A&M University Fuhui Tong
Interim Associate Provost and Dean, Graduate and Professional School
fuhuitong [at]
Julie Harlin
Associate Dean, Graduate and Professional School and Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications
j-harlin [at]
University of Alabama at Birmingham Carmel McNicholas-Bevensee
Interim Associate Dean, Office of Postdoctoral Education and Director, Office of Professional Studies and Experiential Learning (OPSEL)
cbevense [at]
University of Arizona Gail Burd
Sr. Vice Provost, Academic Affairs, Teaching and Learning
gburd [at]
John Jewett
Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
jjewett [at]
University of British Columbia Elisa Baniassad
Associate Professor of Teaching, Computer Science
ebani [at]
Brett Gilley
Senior Instructor, EOAS and
Chair, Vantage One Science Program
bgilley [at]

Catherine Rawn
Professor of Teaching and Associate Head, Undergraduate Affairs, Psychology
cdrawn [at]

University of California, Irvine Danny Mann
Director, Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Scholar Instructional Development
dmann [at]
Alex Bower
Lead Educational Developer, Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation
ahbower [at]
University of California, Los Angeles Susan Ettner
Interim Dean, Graduate Division
settner [at]
Rachel Kennison
Director, Center for Education Innovation in the Sciences (CEILS)
University of Colorado Boulder Kirk Ambrose
Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, and Professor, Classics
kirk.ambrose [at]
Preston Cumming
Professional Development Lead, Center for Teaching and Learning
preston.cumming [at]
University of Connecticut Kent Holsinger
Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate School
kent.holsinger [at]
Laurie McCarty
Executive Director of Faculty Development
laurie.mccarty [at]
University of Florida Allen Wysocki
Associate Dean, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
wysocki [at]
Alexandra Bitton-Bailey
Director, Center for Teaching Excellence
abitton-bailey [at]
University of Houston Sarah Larsen
Vice Provost and Dean
sclarsen [at]
Tashemia Jones
Assistant Director, Academic Affairs
tvjones [at]
University of Idaho Jerry McMurtry
Dean, College of Graduate Studies
mcmurtry [at]
Brian Smentkowski
Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
bsmentkowski [at]
University of Illinois at Chicago Carmen Lilley
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Inclusive Excellence and Associate Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
clilley [at]
Lauren Woods
Associate Director for Teaching Development Pathways & CIRTL@UIC
lmwoods [at]
University of Iowa Darren Hoffmann
Assistant Professor,
Anatomy and Cell Biology

darren-hoffmann [at]
Jennifer Teitle
Assistant Dean, Graduate Development and Postdoctoral Affairs
jennifer-teitle [at]
University of Maryland, Baltimore Christina Cestone
Assistant Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs, and Associate Professor, Health Professions Education
ccestone [at]
Jennifer Aumiller
Director, Postdoctoral Scholars, Graduate and Postdoctoral Career and Professional Development Offices
jaumiller [at]
University of Maryland, Baltimore County Janet Rutledge 
Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate School
jrutledge [at]
Jamie Gurganus 
Associate Director, Engineering Education and Instructor, Mechanical Engineering
jgurganus [at]
University of Massachusetts Amherst Beth Jakob 
Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Biology
ejakob [at]

Tilman Wolf
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
wolf [at]
413-545-0757 (email preferred)

Denise Pope
Associate Director of the Office of Student Success in the Graduate School
dspope [at]
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Jennifer Wood
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
and Professor, Animal Science

jwood5 [at]
Lisa Rohde
Associate Director of Teaching and Research Development
lrohde2 [at]
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Beth Mayer-Davis
Dean, Graduate School, Cary C Boshamer Distinguished Professor of Nutrition and Medicine and Co-Director, Nutrition Obesity Research Center
mayerdav [at]
Brian Rybarczyk
Lecturer, Department of Biology and
Associate Dean for Professional Development and Funding, Graduate School

brybar [at]
University of Pittsburgh Mary Besterfield-Sacre
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Nickolas A. DeCecco Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering Director, Engineering Education Research Center (EERC), Swanson School of Engineering
mbsacre [at]
April Dukes
Faculty and Future Faculty Program Director
aprila [at]
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Robert Jacobsen
Lecturer, Earth & Planetary Sciences and Assistant Director, Tennessee Space Grant
rjacobse [at]
Ferlin McGaskey
Assistant Director, Tennessee Teaching and Learning Center and Director, Graduate Teaching Certification Program
fmcgaske [at]
The University of Texas at Arlington James P. Grover
Professor, Department of Biology and 
Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
grover [at]
Na-Li Kim
Teaching Innovation Research Associate, Center for Research on Teaching and Learning Excellence (CRTLE) 
nlkim [at]
The University of Texas at San Antonio Ambika Mathur
Distinguished Professor, Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School
ambika.mathur [at]
Heather Shipley
Sr. Vice Provost Academic Affairs, and Dean of the University College
heather.shipley [at]
University of Wisconsin – Madison Robert Mathieu
Professor, Department of Astronomy
University of Wisconsin – Madison
mathieu [at]
Jessica Maher
Associate Director, Delta Program in Research, Teaching and Learning 
jessica.maher [at]
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Aimée Surprenant
Dean, Graduate School
asurprenant [at]
Tiffany Shoop
Interim Co-Director, and Director of Special Programs, The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
tshoop [at]
Washington University in St. Louis Michael Wysession 
Executive Director,
The Teaching Center

michael [at]
Denise Leonard
Associate Director for Graduate-Student and Postdoc Programs, Academic Services
dleonard23 [at]
Yale University Paula Kavathas
Professor, Laboratory Medicine, Immunobiology, and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
paula.kavathas [at]
Gina Hurley
Assistant Director of Graduate and Postdoctoral Teaching Development
gina.hurley [at]