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CIRTL Alumni LogoThe CIRTL Alumni Network is a learning community for former PhD students and postdoctoral scholars who participated in teaching development programs at CIRTL Network universities. The Alumni Network provides a platform for additional interactions and continuing professional development around teaching and learning for CIRTL Associates, Practitioners and Scholars who have left the universities where they trained and have gone on in their careers. Alumni are all aware of CIRTL’s three core ideas (the importance of Learning through Diversity, Teaching as Research, and Learning Communities), and are almost all in STEM and social science fields, but may come with many different experiences.

People who participated in CIRTL online programs or local programs can join the Alumni Network after they have completed at least one local or online CIRTL program, even if they have not graduated. However, some activities may be restricted to those who have completed their PhDs.

The CIRTL Alumni Network started in early 2019 as a project within an Improving Undergraduate STEM Education grant from NSF, Preparing Future Faculty to Improve STEM Education: Broadening the National Impact of the CIRTL Network (Grant No. 1726625).

Join the Alumni Network at CIRTLALUMNI.QUBESHUB.ORG

CIRTL Alumni Leadership Team
Nirav Patel
Leadership Group Chair
Rutgers University
Rachel Sturge
University of Toronto
Deborah Rook
Kale Hartmann
Membership Chair
Boston University
Anindya Roy
Communications Chair
MIT Open Learning
Deepika Das
Program Chair
Emory University