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Last updated: February 2023

We are inviting nominations for open positions on three CIRTL Network committees – the Leadership Team (LT), Cross-Network Operations Group (CNOG), and Membership Operations Group (MOG) – as listed below. All positions are open to self-nomination or nomination by another CIRTL community member. Individuals nominating a colleague should secure the nominee’s permission before submission.

Nominations are due by: Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Please submit nominations using the CIRTL Call for Nominations Form and the CIRTL Graduate Student / Postdoc Nomination Form. For detailed descriptions of committee responsibilities, terms, and eligibility, see the appropriate committee description on the Standing Committees page.

Leadership Team (LT), 3 openings

The LT is the decision-making authority in CIRTL as regards policies, using sociocratic processes, and except in such cases as when a policy needs to be decided by the Network as a whole or is delegated to a Standing Committee. The LT advises the Director on operational decisions such as revenue planning, program expenditures, initiatives, network procedures and practices, and implementation of CIRTL policies.

Cross-Network Operations Group (CNOG), 3 openings

The CNOG is charged with overseeing the Cross-Network curriculum offerings to ensure that they reflect the CIRTL Core Ideas and Learning Outcomes, are responsive to Network needs, and embody a diverse and evolving set of formats to provide for future faculty development in teaching and learning across the Network.

Membership Operations Group (MOG), 2 openings

The MOG guides the evolving membership of the CIRTL Network, in concert with the strategic directions of the Network. At regular intervals according to the guidance of the Network, the MOG presents a slate of new Members to the Leadership Team.

For detailed descriptions of committee responsibilities, terms, and eligibility, see the appropriate committee description on the Standing Committees page.

2023 Committee Elections

  • Wednesday, March 1st – Nominations open
  • Wednesday, March 29th – Nominations close
  • Wednesday, April 5th – Candidate materials due
  • Monday, April 10th – Voting commences
  • Monday, April 24th – Voting closes
  • Tuesday, August 1st – Term begins

Voting will be conducted using the Simply Voting online election software. Each CIRTL institution will have two votes for each open position. The Institutional Leader and Administrative Co-Leader will each receive an email from “CIRTL Network Elections” that includes an anonymous link to the ballot.

Candidate statements describing their qualifications, experience in CIRTL, and interest in the position will be available via the ballot and emailed in advance of the election. Please take the time needed to discuss your institutional vote with your local CIRTL team and to give each candidate consideration. Here are some details about how to vote within the Simply Voting system:

  1. When you access the ballot through the link in your email, you will see a brief description of the Leadership Team (LT) functions, followed by the list of LT candidates.
  2. Keep scrolling down and you will see the same for the Cross-Network Operations Group and the Membership Operations Group (MOG).
  3. You may view a candidate’s statement by clicking “view details” next to their name.
  4. To vote, click the boxes next to your desired candidates for each committee, then click “Continue”at the bottom of the page. The software will then display your selections for you to review.
  5. Click “Confirm” to place your vote, or “Change” to make new selections.
  6. Once you have placed your vote, you should see “Success” on the page and will be able to view and print your voting receipt.

The voting software will send reminders to those individuals who have not yet voted as the deadline for voting approaches. We will not know the results of the election until voting has closed.

Ballots will be sent to these Institutional Leaders and Administrative Co-Leaders. (If a Leader position is empty at the time of the vote, that position will forfeit their right to vote):

Elector #1Elector #2Institution
Elizabeth WentzTamara UnderinerArizona State University
Jasmine BryantJennifer ImamuraCalifornia Institute of Technology
Soulaymane KachaniAbby SchroeringColumbia University
Kathryn BoorColleen McLinnCornell University
Angela SiegelJill McSweeneyDalhousie University
Jennifer StanfordJason SilvermanDrexel University
Kimberly Jacob ArriolaCora MacBethEmory University
Joyce WeinsheimerDavid LawrenceGeorgia Institute of Technology
Dana WilliamsKamla DeonauthHoward University
David DalekeJanice BlumIndiana University, IUPUI
Elena CotosKaren BovenmyerIowa State University
Michael ReeseKelly ClarkJohns Hopkins University
Carol WicksFahui WangLouisiana State University
Rique CampaKirstin ParkinMichigan State University
Matt GlucksbergErika NadileNorthwestern University
Jonathan BakerDavid SovicThe Ohio State University
Sarah AdesAngela LinseThe Pennsylvania State University
Stacey BentGloriana TrujilloStanford University
Karen Butler-PurryJulie HarlinTexas A&M University
Lisa Schwiebert University of Alabama at Birmingham
Gail BurdJohn JewettUniversity of Arizona
Elisa BaniassadBrett GilleyUniversity of British Columbia
Brian SatoDanny MannUniversity of California, Irvine
Susan EttnerRachel KennisonUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Kirk AmbrosePreston CummingUniversity of Colorado Boulder
Kent HolsingerPeter DiplockUniversity of Connecticut
Allen Wysocki University of Florida
Judy Milton University of Georgia
Sarah LarsenTashemia JonesUniversity of Houston
Jerry McMurtryBrian SmentkowskiUniversity of Idaho
Karen ColleyErin Sanders O’LearyUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Darren HoffmannJennifer TeitleUniversity of Iowa
Janet RutledgeJamie GurganusUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County
Beth JakobTilman WolfUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
LJ McElravyLisa RohdeUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln
Suzanne BarbourBrian RybarczykUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Mary Besterfield-SacreApril DukesUniversity of Pittsburgh
Robert JacobsenFerlin McGaskeyUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville
James GroverNa-Li KimUniversity of Texas at Arlington
Robert MathieuJessica MaherUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Aimée SurprenantKim FilerVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Michael WysessionDenise LeonardWashington University in St. Louis
Paula KavathasGina HurleyYale University

If you have questions, please contact CIRTL Central staff through the Helpdesk at