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Institutional Leaders are asked to complete the 2022-23 Institutional Portrait Summary form by Friday October 13, 2023. This annual compilation of campus information will help provide an overall picture of the CIRTL Network.

Institutional Portrait Summary Form

Submit this form to report the number of individuals who attained the level of Associate, Practitioner and Scholar between September 2022 and August 2023.

Please see the google doc version of the Summary Form for offline viewing and drafting.

Practitioner and Scholar TAR Project Title Template (Excel)

This template should be completed and uploaded with the IP Summary form. No student names are requested. This template requests the following information.

  1. Level (Practitioner or Scholar)
  2. Discipline of the graduate student or postdoc completing the TAR project
  3. Discipline of TAR Project/Experience (which may or may not be in the student’s own discipline)
  4. TAR Project Title or Question Answered by the Project
  5. Presentation or publication format for scholars. (e.g. Conference presentation, department seminar, journal article, conference poster.)

Editing the IP Forms

The Qualtrics Save and Continue function works by placing a cookie on your browser that keeps track of progress. You MUST hit the next button for any of your data to be saved. So if you will not complete the form in one sitting, please hit the Next button to save your work. Hit the Submit button when done. The Save and Continue feature will work as long as you return to the survey on the same browser and computer you started the survey on. Once you select submit, you will no longer be able to return and edit the contents of this form. Contact CIRTL Central if you need to make changes in a submitted form.

Please send any questions to