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The CIRTL Change Leadership Development Program (CLDP) will strengthen undergraduate STEM education by preparing graduate students and postdoctoral scholars (GS/PS) to be future change leaders in advancing inclusive evidence-based teaching (EBT).

While CIRTL graduates enter careers well prepared to support the learning of diverse students within their own classes and labs, they typically do not have opportunities to learn about change leadership; defined by the ability to navigate complex organizational systems, model leadership characteristics to inspire action in others, and effectively guide the change process. GS/PS will become change leaders by using strategies to advance inclusive EBT, as they assume their teaching and research responsibilities. Through participation in CLDP, trainees will be better prepared to influence their colleagues, departments, and institutions from both formal and informal leadership roles. Through both the examples they set in their own practice and their informed knowledge of how to engage in institutional decision making, culture change, and policy development, they will be prepared to lead the effort toward lasting change. In collaboration with the CIRTL Network, the trainees of CLDP will advance education to be more inclusive and evidence-based, ultimately increasing student engagement, learning and retention in STEM fields and reducing the equity gaps across the nation’s diverse student population.

The CLDP supports GS/PS in achieving three primary goals:

  1. Identifying as a Change Leader
  2. Examining higher education institutions as complex institutions, as well as analyzing leadership approaches and change theories
  3. Developing strategies, skills, and abilities appropriate for serving as a change leader while holding a position as an early-career faculty member.

The CLDP will conduct a needs assessment, develop the course curriculum, and engage with both the CIRTL Network and their Advisory Board. A 10-week course will be proposed to the CIRTL Network Operations Group to be offered to the Network in summer 2023, followed by a Leadership Institute and Leadership Summit the following year!

For more information, see the NSF Awards Simple Search Website.

Collaborative Award Name (Full): Developing Change Leaders in Advanced Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: A Change Leadership Development Program

Awarding Organization: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Dates: 10/01/22 – 9/30/24

Award Number(s): 2216501

Collaborative Partners: University of California, Los Angeles, Johns Hopkins University, Michigan State University, University of Nebraska, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill