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The CIRTL Value Statements were developed through the collective efforts of CIRTL members in 2019. These statements incorporate multiple rounds of comments and feedback, including sociocratic rounds of discussion at the Fall 2019 in-person meeting at Drexel University on October 16, and the best insights of the CIRTL Values Working Group. These statements represent what we value both in our mission and our operations as a shared learning Network.

Learner-Centered Education: Learning is shaped by the needs, identities, experiences, communities, and goals of our learners. We develop educators who place learners at the center of their work.

Equity and Inclusion: In equitable and open environments, everyone is respected, valued, and encouraged, so that they are able to contribute to their fullest potential. We work to develop and sustain inclusive working spaces and learning communities that achieve equitable outcomes.

Diversity and Representation: Diversity of people brings forth diversity of ideas and learning. We cultivate and engage participation as a network, including leadership, that is representative of the demographics and lived experiences of the broader population.

Collaboration: Working together allows us to better achieve our co-created goals. We engage constituencies at all levels within and across institutions as colleagues in our work.

Intellectual Generosity: Mutual openness to ideas of each other advances understanding and discovery of knowledge. Acknowledging that there are multiple ways of knowing, we respectfully listen and share our ideas, perspectives, practices, and expertise.

Inclusive Excellence and Innovation: Critical examination of data, scholarly reflection, and collective review are our standards of excellence. We innovate for mutual improvement of inclusive educational practices.

Reflective Decision-Making: Reflective decision-making is responsive to the evolving landscape of the CIRTL Network. We gather, share and analyze evidence to make data-informed decisions to collectively guide the CIRTL Network.