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Mindset to Mastery: The Inclusive Teaching Course

Examine your own identities, values, and experiences to cultivate an inclusive mindset that informs your teaching practices in this 8-week course. At capacity & closed for registration.

Fostering Student Belonging through Inclusive Language

Understand how language shapes student belonging, and explore resources and identify practices that center inclusive language in your teaching practice in this two-part workshop that meets on Wednesday, October 11 and 25. At capacity / closed for registration.

The College Classroom

Get an introduction to key learning principles and the basics of effective, evidence-based teaching practices in this 12-week course about teaching in the college classroom on Tuesdays from September 26 to December 12. Closed for registration.

The Notion of Critical Race Theory (CRT) Should Not Be a Dirty Word in Higher Education: Unpacking Positionality in STEM Research and Teaching

Given our current divisive social and political climate, there is a current need for STEM educators and scholars to critical reflect on their own positionality, the impact of their work with STEM education, and how they perceive issues of justice within the scope of educational change. Critical ideologies associated with STEM research and teaching are fundamental as educational researchers and…