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The College Classroom

Get an introduction to key learning principles and the basics of effective, evidence-based teaching practices in this 12-week course about teaching in the college classroom on Tuesdays from September 26 to December 12. Closed for registration.

Getting Started with Universal Design for Learning

Explore the basic principles of Universal Design for Learning and apply them to resources or practices you use in your own teaching in this two-part workshop on Thursday, December 7 and 14.

Supporting Neurodivergent Students

Learn about common forms of neurodiversity, the obstacles that neurodiverse students might encounter in academia, and teaching strategies to overcome those obstacles in this two-part workshop. Registration is closed.

Fall 2023 CIRTL Network Programming

This fall CIRTL is offering 3 courses, 1 event series, and 10 workshops for graduate students and postdocs pursuing teaching careers in STEM disciplines. Fall programming covers a range of teaching and learning topics: accessibility, evidence-based teaching fundamentals, academic professional development, teaching development for postdocs, science communication, and teaching-as-research. Registration opens on Monday, August 14. Uncapped programming - like our…

TAR Express: A Teaching-as-Research Very Short Course

Identify the building blocks of a teaching-as-research (TAR) inquiry in this short course: a TAR question, data you would collect to answer that question, and ways you can formalize and share your results with others interested in teaching and learning. At capacity / closed for registration.