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The Harvard Medical School Curriculum Fellows Program (HMS CFP) welcomes applications for an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) Curriculum Fellow (CF) for the Center for Computational Biomedicine (CCB). The CFP is a postdoctoral service and training program intended for early-career scientist-educators, focused on curriculum development, teaching, and educational programming in the biological and biomedical sciences.

The CCB AI/ML Curriculum Fellow is part of a larger cohort of Curriculum Fellows, and will work closely with members of the Harvard Medical School faculty and administration to develop, deploy, and evaluate evidence-based graduate training. Fellows also receive mentorship and career advising to support their development as educators and help them succeed in a variety of education-focused careers. CFs are appointed as Research Fellow and have the opportunity to apply for promotion to Lecturer during their appointment. CFs are also encouraged to pursue additional activities that align with their professional goals, such as publishing research, participating in academic conferences, or teaching at local universities. More details can be found on our website (

The CCB develops shared data and analytic resources that broadly serve HMS. This includes a strong educational mandate for courses and skills related to software, data analysis, technical computational skills and the adoption of new methods (eg AI/ML, single cell RNA-seq, etc). The AI/ML CCB CF will be responsible for developing curricula for AI/ML-related CCB workshops offered to HMS graduate students, postdocs, research staff and faculty across HMS programs and departments. The CF will report directly to CCB’s Director of Education and will receive one-on-one mentorship from the CCB Executive Director, Dr. Robert Gentleman and the Director of the CFP.

AI and ML skills are invaluable in biomedical science because they enable researchers to process and make sense of complex data, accelerate research processes, improve disease diagnosis and treatment, and contribute to the development of more personalized and effective healthcare solutions. Researchers and professionals with expertise in AI and ML can make significant contributions to the advancement of biomedical science and the improvement of healthcare outcomes. CCB is seeking a CF who will focus on developing, curating, and delivering AI/ML skills training to HMS students, postdocs, research staff and faculty to ensure HMS researchers remain at the forefront of innovation in their field of study.

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