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This fall CIRTL is offering 2 online courses and 7 online workshops designed for graduate students and postdocs pursuing teaching careers in higher education. Fall programming is topically focused around evidence-based teaching fundamentals, inclusion and belonging, and academic professional development. All programming includes synchronous online sessions that take place in Zoom, unless otherwise mentioned.

We will announce programming schedules and registration dates by early August. Anyone can register to attend programming, but participants from CIRTL member institutions and alumni will receive priority when registering for programming with limited seats; capped programming typically reaches capacity within a week of registration opening.

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Evidence-based teaching fundamentals

An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching

Get an overview of effective college teaching strategies and the research that supports them in this 8-part asynchronous course designed for graduate students and postdocs in STEM disciplines. Created in 2015 as a cohort-based course, we will be re-launching this course this fall as a self-paced online course. No cap; registration TBD.

The College Classroom

Get an introduction to key learning principles and the basics of effective, evidence-based teaching practices in this 12-week course about teaching in the college classroom. No cap; schedule and registration TBD.

A Student-Centered Approach for Reducing Plagiarism

Consider how student-centered, accessible, and contextual course design can reduce students’ propensity to cheat and improve learning for all in this 2-part workshop.  No cap; schedule and registration TBD.

Inclusion and belonging

Fostering a Growth Mindset and Developing a Sense of Belonging in Your Students

Learn from social and educational psychology in this one-part workshop on how instructors can foster growth mindsets in their students, and how that in turn can foster greater student motivation, achievement, and belonging. No cap; schedule and registration TBD.

Creating Effective and Inclusive Learning Experiences for Neurodiverse Students

Learn about neurodiversity in teaching and learning and develop strategies to create an effective and inclusive learning environment in this one-part workshop. No previous experience with neurodiversity is necessary. Cap: 80; schedule and registration TBD.

Academic professional development

Writing an Effective Teaching Philosophy Statement

Draft a peer-reviewed teaching philosophy statement that reflects your teaching beliefs and experiences in this two-part workshop. Cap: 50; schedule and registration TBD.

Overcoming Imposter Phenomena and Building Resiliency as Graduate Students

Find new ways to build your own resiliency in academia in this one-part workshop guiding participants through a new framework that builds upon research on imposter phenomena, adapting to change, and building resiliency.  This online workshop meets in Zoom on Thursday, October 10 at 11am-12:30pm Atlantic / 11am-12:30pm Eastern / 10-11:30am Central / 9-10:30am Mountain / 8-9:30am Pacific. No cap; registration TBD.

Preparing Your Teaching Demo for a Job Interview

As part of the interview process for a faculty position in the U.S., you may be asked to lead a teaching demonstration. In this one-session workshop, we’ll discuss ways to go into your teaching demo with preparedness, confidence, and adaptability. Cap: 50; schedule and registration TBD.