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The science laboratory manager will act within a team of coordinators and student workers whose collective purpose is to aid faculty in maximizing student success by meeting the laboratory preparation needs of the Science and Mathematics Division classes. In addition to the lab coordination duties, this position is the supervisor within the department. The supervisor is responsible for the coordination of resources – materials, equipment and personnel – to meet the lab needs of the science faculty of the Science and Mathematics Division. This includes developing and maintain systems to oversee safety protocols for the biology laboratories, ordering, equipment maintenance, housekeeping, interaction with faculty, and personnel management. This position’s core responsibility is to accurately and precisely prepare, set up, and maintain lab activities for science classes held at main campus and at satellite sites. Providing continuous coverage of lab classes requires coordination with many people, equitable distribution of workloads between a team of laboratory coordinators, and supervision of student workers. Successful attainment of this goal will necessitate tracking of lab activities by course and instructor, maintenance of biology stockroom inventory, maintenance and repair of lab equipment, management of lab areas, and supervision of laboratory coordinators and student workers. The above responsibilities must be accomplished while meeting all safety regulations relating to chemicals and biohazard materials. This will include keeping accurate records of chemicals, supplies, equipment, and related lab stock items, as well as following proper waste disposal guidelines for existing and newly developed laboratory activities.


Preparation and Set-Up of Lab Activities: Provide innovated lab protocols and solutions to technical problems. Troubleshoot problem areas involving materials or equipment. Improve laboratory protocols on a continuing basis to ensure adherence to Environmental and Safety Regulations. Adapt labs to current technological standards with faculty. Work with lab coordinators regularly to develop new demonstrations/labs, update, modify and improve labs which involves researching, evaluating, and making determinations on how to proceed with the modifications. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

Preparation of laboratory activities for all anatomy and physiology courses at main campus (5 classrooms), Delta College Midland Center, and Delta College Saginaw Center.

Maintains data on anatomy & physiology student room use.

Monitors and requisitions consumables for all anatomy and physiology courses. This includes preserved and fresh dissection materials, gloves, and chemicals. Fresh dissection materials require advance order placement, arranging for college vehicle, and pick up.

Updates labs and Lab Material Sheets (LMS) on shared site and hardcopies in stockroom for all anatomy and physiology courses on a continual basis as requests and needs of faculty change.

Inventories anatomy and physiology models each semester.

Creates requisition lists for purchasing models/equipment to purchasing for bids for all biology laboratory activities.

Responsible for seeking bids/estimates for and subsequently purchasing all goods and services to maintain the laboratory stockroom supplies for course preparation. This includes all associated record keeping.

Enters IMET forms and subsequent requisition forms for Science and Mathematics Division.

Maintains inventory of all models and equipment.

Coordinates with instructors to maintain contents of online biology laboratory kits and with LLIC to house/ship kits.

Reports any items (models & equipment) removed from inventory to Facilities Management.

Hires, schedules, supervises, student workers for Physics, Chemistry, Geology, and Biology.

In coordination with other lab coordinators/managers, monitors maintenance and repair of equipment (ex. DI water tanks, gas tanks, autoclave, freezers, and ice making machines).

Repairs models and equipment as needed.

Works with Science and Mathematics Division Office Professional to monitor supplies and services budget expenditures in all departments.

Responsible for greenhouse maintenance (plants and physical environment) and the plants in Founder’s Hall.

Manages biology laboratory stockroom which includes safety compliance as required by safety and environmental regulations relative to storage, handling, and disposal of all materials used or produced in the laboratory including chemical and biohazardous materials.

Maintains inventory of equipment and supplies.

Follows safe storage procedures.

Maintains SDS sheets and stockrooms safety manual.

These duties require working with the Associate Dean for purchasing approval through a variety of vendors, supplies, Delta General Services, Facilities Management, and Business Services for material acquisitions and maintaining laboratory supplies and services as allotted by the Science and Mathematics Division budget.

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