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Using Teaching-as-Research to Advance Equitable Educational Experiences

Join us for a two-part workshop that explores how CIRTL's "teaching-as-research" framework can help you identify, assess, and improve upon equitable teaching approaches. Teaching-as-Research (or TAR) transforms curiosity about learning into a research question and helps connect and enrich teaching and learning. Learning-through-Diversity, one of CIRTL's core ideas, explicitly values the dynamic array of identities […]

Planning Your Teaching-as-Research Project

Jumpstart your plans for a Teaching-as-Research (TAR) project in this 6-week flipped course designed to guide participants through developing a research question, identifying project methods and outcomes, and more. Each week, students will watch videos, read articles, and complete assignments on their own time; in weekly sessions, students will refine their work with peer review, […]