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In an academic outreach pilot initiative led by the Office of the Provost and managed by the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, recent Ph.D.s will be hired by Princeton University as visiting faculty fellows to teach, advise, and conduct outreach at a community college, with the goal of increasing the number of students at that community college who apply and are accepted to selective four-year institutions. For the teaching portion of the appointment, fellows will primarily teach courses for the community college; one Princeton-accredited course will also be taught by each fellow as part of their appointment and a concurrent lecturer appointment with the Office of the Dean of the Faculty will be made for that course. Onboarding and orientation to the program will occur in the summer period prior to the start of fall-term courses at the community college. The appointment is for 12 months, expected to span the period of July 1 through June 30, with mandatory orientation activities in the summer period prior to the fall term as well as program learning and assessment activities at the conclusion of the spring term. Appointments may be renewable twice for a total of three academic years of appointment.

Application should include a current CV, a cover letter reflecting on your interest in and preparation for teaching and advising in this program, and a brief document (no longer than one page) that lists the range and types of courses you might teach. Please give at least two examples of possible course ideas for the Princeton-accredited courses. Feel free to consult the Freshman Seminars Program ( for inspiration for the kinds of Princeton courses that might be taught through this program. You are also strongly encouraged to consult the Mercer County Community College course catalog ( to identify a range of courses that you might teach.

Further details about this position