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The Engineering Education Transformations Institute (EETI) at University of Georgia has a new job posting up for an assistant clinical faculty position!  The position’s definition is a little different that most clinical positions (often called “professors of practice”) in engineering.  The field of professional practice for this position is engineering educational development and research.  The position’s primary task is working with disciplinary engineering faculty and graduate students to help them learn how to do educational research to pursue research ideas of interest to them.  We’re looking for someone with a strong foundation in educational research methods (especially qualitative and/or mixed methods, which engineering faculty often need the most help with), and a passion for using those research skills to help engineering education practitioners systematically answer questions that interest them.

For more details about the position, please see the official job posting:  If you have questions about the position itself, please reach out to the search committee chair, Dr. Julie Martin (EETI’s director,