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Stephanie Knezz, Evava Pietri, and Donald Gillian-Daniel recently published an article in the Journal of Science Education and Technology discussing their co-developed “Equity in STEM for All Genders” course, offered through CIRTL in 2018-2020. The article discusses the persistence of gender bias in STEM fields and how interventions are aimed at mitigating bias and enacting change. It presents a graduate level, synchronous online course, “Equity in STEM for All Genders”, that pairs weekly discussions (synchronous and asynchronous) about gender and gender bias-related topics with experimentally validated video interventions, primary literature, and popular articles. Evaluation results indicate the course led to increased bias literacy and participant motivation to mitigate gender-related bias within their local STEM contexts. The article also provides suggestions for making the course more widely available to STEM future faculty.