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The Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology at the University of California, Riverside invites applications for a career-level Academic Coordinator II position in Biology. A reasonable salary estimate for this position is $74,896 – $145,892.   Responsibilities include: identifying and selecting teaching assistants for Biology courses with a laboratory and/or discussion section; directing instruction and training of teaching assistants; annual strategic planning related to teaching projections, classroom scheduling, and equipment budgets; managing day-to-day administration of Biology laboratory courses, websites, and databases; implementing and evaluating innovative changes to laboratory course content, instructional technology, or related instructional development with Biology faculty; writing grant applications to support curriculum development efforts; regularly engaging in scholarly efforts benefitting the teaching and learning community at UCR; and actively participating in departmental and university service activities. Administration of teaching laboratories includes working with laboratory prep staff to acquire, prepare, and distribute supplies for course experiments, organizing instructional materials for courses, supervising student work in the laboratory setting, regularly meeting with and overseeing teaching assistants, and maintaining regular office hours.   Basic qualifications:

  • Ph.D. in the biological sciences and professional background of academic training and experience.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Demonstrated experience in undergraduate teaching at the university level and experience with laboratory instruction in the biological sciences.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop, evaluate, and improve instructional materials and experimental protocols, to establish procedures and methods that accommodate laboratory experiment needs, and to work effectively with faculty to develop cutting-edge, research-based, undergraduate laboratory courses.
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct experiments, make in-progress modifications of procedures, evaluate and interpret data, including experience in formal assessment of learning outcomes. Ability to use Microsoft Office programs.

Additional qualifications:

  • Demonstrated teaching experience in courses with topics that include cellular and molecular biology, animal and plant diversity, ecology and evolution, vertebrate anatomy and physiology.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in implementing active learning strategies in laboratory courses.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of discipline-based education research.
  • Demonstrated ability to work productively and collaboratively in a diverse community of coworkers and students.

TO APPLY: Applicants should submit a Curriculum Vitae, Statement of Teaching Experience, Statement of Research, and Statement of Past and/or Planned Future Contributions to Advancing Diversity, and provide contact information for a minimum of 3 confidential letters of reference, to

Review of applications will commence on May 5, 2023 and proceed until position is filled. For full consideration, applicants should submit their complete applications prior to the above date.   For more information about this position, please contact Dr. Wendy Saltzman, Chair of the Search Committee, Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology, at For questions on application procedures and requirements, please contact Troy Hall Jr., Academic Personnel, at

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